Tanya Gauthier, LOTR

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Hi, I am Tanya, Integrative Lifestyle Occupational Therapist, intuitive healer and health and wellness coach. I am a nationally board certified, and Louisiana licensed OT with over 28 years of experience in multiple settings. These include 2 years in acute care and rehab, 10 years in the nursing home, and the last 18 years in the public school system in several districts in Louisiana. Additionally I have obtained my RYT200 certification, Holistic OT certification, Usui Reiki Master Teacher certification, Heartmath Interventions Practitioner certification, and empowerment coach training, in addition to the countless hours of official and unofficial continuing education in the topics of intuition, meditation, breathwork, essential oils, EFT/tapping, and other energy healing, sensory and emotional regulation techniques, etc. 

Through my personal health journey that included thyroid cancer 16 years ago, I found my way down a path that led me to the area of integrative/holistic/functional healthcare. I have really loved the idea of being treated as a "whole person" not just a system. Using alternative healing modalities such as food, supplementation of key vitamins, minerals etc., migration towards a less toxic lifestyle, and the use of mind body spirit techniques including yoga and meditation, and tuning into intuition and spirituality, I began to see amazing changes in my own life. Through this journey, I have become passionate about health and wellness. 

I have learned so much personally and I have so much to share with you so that you can live your best life. I am able to work as an occupational therapist, intuitive healer and health and wellness coach with residents of the state of Louisiana and health and wellness coach for those clients outside of the state of Louisiana, via a telehealth platform.