My Favorite Products 

I will be sharing here the products and services that I personally use and recommend as part of my own holistic lifestyle. This page will be ever evolving and growing as I come to know, use and love more products that I want to share with others.

Essential Oils 

I have done extensive studies of the benefits of essential oils and have come to rely on the quality and consistency of doTerra essential oils. 

My favorite  daily ritual products for personal care & grounding 

MIG Body Bundle

My favorite safe and effective professional hair care products

 Bo Stegall The Collection

My favorite safe make up


My Favorite

Immune Support Supplements

Gut Health Supplements


Magnesium Glycinate

*Some of these products are linked to my personalized links so that I may  get a credit for sharing products. I am a doTerra Wellness Advocate, Nature's Sunshine Independent Distributor, and MIG Living customer, with discounts for referrals.  I DO use every one of these products in my personal wellness regimen. It is your responsibility to consult your own health care professional to create your specific wellness regimen as none of the product suggestions here are intended to substitute for the advice of your own provider who knows your complete medical history and is qualified to advise you of your specific indications and contraindications.